Turquoise is a beautiful blue stone. It is known in crystal healing to protect travelers, as well as be a good general detox for the body. This is also a great stone for those of us who are clumsy and prone to falls. Ancient warriors are known to have worn this stone into battle to prevent falls from their horses. Turquoise is believed to be associated with the Zodiac sign of Taurus. 

Turquoise is a vanishing commodity. It is hard to find that is not altered by man, and expensive when it is natural. These stones are artificially dyed/stabilized, but I find that if you have a connection to the stone, the interference by man doesn't affect the healing powers that much. These are approximately 3-7mm sized chips and make beautiful bracelets when combined with other colors. I also like the rattle sound they make when worn together!

Luxury Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet


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    7 Days  

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